Roehampton apples: one of the ingredients of Memory Banquet

Memory Banquet arose out of a desire to publicise and celebrate the diverse and distinctive research and collaborations at the University of Roehampton around food. Presented with the opportunity of taking part in the 2014 Being Human Festival, the UK’s first ever national festival of the Humanities (15-23 November 2014), we have decided to showcase, share and discuss with you, the many routes by which food and experiences of food create, sustain and renew memory.

The festival will involved academics, students and other staff from across the university’s many departments: not only Humanities, but also Dance, Drama, Theatre and Performance, English and Creative Writing, Culture, Media and Language, Psychology and Life Sciences. Alongside the academics taking part, we are delighted to be working with Growhampton, Roehampton Student Union’s innovative campus sustainability project; Chartwells, the campus caterers; Roehampton Conferences; and many more individuals, who love their food!

BHF apple flyer_Page_2 BHF apple flyer_Page_1

Download our PDF flyer and spread the word!


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