Memory Banquet: a Recipe


Photo credit: TVR, University of Roehampto


3 workshops

1 public lecture

Blend these with 3 academics in History, English Literature & Theatre Performance, & season to taste, before adding:

1 dance practitioner

1 chocolate cake

1/2 dozen of Grandma’s oat biscuits

cucumber sandwiches on china plate (crusts removed)

Ania Bas’ Literary Cutlery

Mix these well together to make Hand to Mouth, a performance piece.

Let Hand to Mouth rest, while you gather:


Photo credit: TVR, University of Roehampton

50kgs of fragrant, juicy apples

2 campus orchards

1 Urban Orchard Project expert

1 apple press

many volunteers & Growhampton skills

Hope for sunshine & pursue Pomona through the dusk, before applying pressure and producing juice.  


Photo credit: TVR, University of Roehampton

Once these components have been well-combined and well-rested, bring them altogether in a room with the following:

 2 psychologists

6 plates of historical baby-food

devilled hearts and curry made from goat-shaped demons

2 taste experiments involving yoghurt and jelly beans

1 neuroscientist

1 poem about bread

5 jelly brains


Photo credit: Arianna Ciula

6 bottles of blackberry vodka (only home-made will do)

1 ice-cream making historical archaeologist

John Evelyn’s salad dressing

1clinical nutritionist

Funeral biscuits

Proust’s madeleines

Little walnut brains


Photo credit: TVR, University of RoehamptonE

Ensure a good mixing of these ingredients with enthusiastic members of the public, and a dash of debate, and you will have served forth a Memory Banquet to remember. Of course, every banquet will be different, and no one person will remember it the same, so this recipe — as with all recipes — may be less useful as a guide to future making, than a memorial to how it was made on Saturday 15 November 2014 at the University of Roehampton.

Another, more narrative post about the Banquet will follow, as will a picture essay on ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ food memories, collected as part of the day.


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