Hand to Mouth: a Memory Banquet premiere

The varied menu of events at Memory Banquet is designed both to showcase the University of Roehampton’s engagement with food and its study in many registers; and to enable you to experience food and your own encounters with it, past and present, in new ways. We are delighted that Amaara Raheem, who coordinates the university’s Dance Research Network, and is a practising dance artist and performer, is inaugurating a new project at Memory Banquet: Hand to Mouth.

Amaara image for Hand to mouth

In your body lives the memory of being fed. Before you learnt to use hands, fork, spoon, chopstick or knife, someone fed you. In this intimate 1:1 performance, dance artist, Amaara returns to this very basic of human rituals. Set in a room within Roehampton’s sumptuous Grove House, you will enter a warm, luxurious space in which you will create your own ‘plate’ choosing foods from a buffet style menu, inspired by the theme: ‘high tea’.
Following a hand-washing ritual, Amaara will feed you – not only the food itself, but words too. Sustenance and narratives intermingle in the space between your mouth and ear, to create old and new remembrance – food as shelter, food as culture, food as threshold.

To participate in Hand to Mouth, visit our MENU pages. As with all Memory Banquet events, this is a free activity, but we ask that you register your interest via our Eventbrite booking page.

Image & text © Amaara Raheem 2014


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